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Miss Marcy & her Texas SugarDaddy's: Calendar

Saturday, November 9th, 2019

Revelers Hall

Miss Marcy & her Texas SugarDaddy's - 9-12am

412 N Bishop Ave
Dallas Texas 75208
(972) 982-2661 [map]
Price: no cover

This joint his hoppin'!   The reason Bishop Arts is a cool place to be, is Revelers Hall!!  Super easy valet... pull up to the front of the Revellers Hall $5 drop off with valet and walk right in the joint like you own the place!!!!


Ya'll the music is happening in Bishop Arts!!!!  Hold on to your socks, 'cuz we are gonna blow 'em off!!"  

We have Dave Burris, George Geurin, Bubba,  and me!

Show starts at 9pm-12am.


Saturday, November 23rd, 2019

The Allgood Cafe

Miss Marcy & her Texas SugarDaddy's - 8pm

2934 Main Street, Deep Ellum,
Dallas Tx 75226
(214) 742-5362 [map]
Price: $5 donation greatly appreciated

If you know about Texas music history, the you already know about the historic AllGood Cafe in the heart of Deep Ellum.  All the food is Austin good!!

"It's like going to Austin without having to pass through Waco." LOL


Early!  Family friendly!  Date night! Experience Deep Ellum!

Friday, November 29th, 2019

The Mitchell

Miss Marcy & her Texas SugarDaddy's - 10pm-12:30am

1404 Main St.
Dallas Texas 75202
(214) 230-1404 [map]
Price: no Cover! Tip the band!

This is a hot joint!  Already known to all the cool folks that live Downtown, now it's time for you to know about it too!  Impress your date with this place!!  All your fav Dallas musicians are playing there weekly and we are super proud to be included in their stellar band line-up.


Trio style!!  Dave Burris on guitar, George Geurin on bass, and me! 

  Make-out music!  So bring your girlfriend!  And if she's too busy, bring your wife!

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Saturday, December 7th, 2019

Twilite Lounge

Miss Marcy & her Texas SugarDaddy's - 10:30pm

2640 Elm Street
Dallas Texas 75226
(214) 741-2121 [map]
Price: no Cover! Tip the band!


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