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Miss Marcy & her Texas SugarDaddy's: Links

You Tube

Movie Trailer for "Whiskey and Cigarettes", directed by SMU Grad Student Nima Ghamari.  My music is the soundtrack and I am the subject of this fine piece of cinematography.  Keep your fingers crossed that Nima's film will attract the attention of the studios so I can start shopping for my Oscar dress.

You can purchase the music you hear in the film on this site using Pay Pal.


Thank you for supporting the Arts!  and the dreams of two artists.

Sweet Sammy Myers
My dear friend who has just passed. Dallas weeps for you Sammy.
All Texan Music dot com
We are an MP3-ONLY Record Label, ONLINE MUSIC STORE, and Internet Radio for music coming out of Texas - especially Classical, Jazz, Ambient, Progressive, & more. Now on Satellite Radio too! Check out the MUSIC STORE at online!
Supportin' Live Blues in Dallas, Tx! Ya'll check them out!
I have finally created a FB page for my band Miss Marcy & her Texas SugarDaddy's. Classic Blues for a Contemporary Jazz Audience. Please check my website at for gig dates and information. I will also upload videos and make gig announcements. Feel free to contact me here on FB.
You Tube
SugarDaddy Mike Beall on Bass, Dave Burris on Guitar, Miss Marcy on Vocals. Video by: Tracy D. Ready Filmed at: Pearl in Dallas, Tx
You Tube
Stand By Your Man A song I wrote about an old bass player of mine who is real young and good looking. Sometimes his women would all show up on the same gig and fight to see who got to take him home. I would just think... for a couch and a car, you can have him too. If you don't give him what he wants, the other will... You better stan...d by your man or another woman will come along who can, stand by your man.
Just Add Sticks
This is the website of our drummer Paul Miller. He is a pro and pleasure to work with.
Texas Blues Roadhouse
Find local Texas Blues musicians, where we are playing, and links to our sites. All of us are on it. It's your one stop shop for local Blues music!!!
Sandra Kaye
Dallas Diva and internationally renowned vocalist.
International Songwriting Competition
Andrea Dawson- Blues and R&B
Cheryl Arena- harmonica
Blue Lisa- KNON DJ and singer
Don Netzer Photography
The Photographer for my CD.
KNON 89.3 Texas Blues Radio
KNON offers a variety of music. But we dig the blues.
Randy Allen
texas country
Poor David's Pub
Dallas' most respected music venue and avid supporter of local, regional, and national acts.
Southwest Blues Magazine
Don O's Dallas/Ft. Worth Blues Page
This man knows everything about the D/FW blues scene. This is where you wanna look.
Dallas Blues Society Records
The Dogkickers
my favorite party band! Texas Country
JW Jones
guitar star out of Canada.
My Space
This is my "My Space" page.
Very Good Local Jazz Singer.
East Dallas Digital- Steve Paul Producer
This is where both songs were recorded. Also where my next song will be recorded.
Dallas Fashion Stylist
Akasha Style
Blues in Britain
The Big Heat

This is a blog report and video from our gig in shreveport, La.!  Great show and wonderful people.  


Barnwell Garden Center

My musicians

Freddie Jones- trumpet
Hash Brown Blues!
He ain't my father, but he my Daddy fer sure!
My Space- David Burris Music
The guitar player on "Restraining Order".
Earl Darling myspace
Drummer in several Dallas' most reputable bands.
Thaddeus "Fabulous" Ford
6th generation trumpet player from New Orleans
Rich Glass- bass
Eleven Hundred Springs
This is the band of our steel guitar player, Aaron Wynne. This band is a Texas institution, check it out.
Dave Burris/ my space
This is my guitar player. He is one of Dallas' hardest working musicians.
Bill Campbell
My bass player. He's the bass on "Restraining Order".