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Miss Marcy & her Texas SugarDaddy's: Music

Move On

(Miss Marcy & her Texas SugarDaddy's)
December 3, 2013
Marcy Rodsky

There's something about you baby.  Make a man change his ways.  Forget his home, the vow from his wedding day.  Ah, you're a nice girl, but you aren't the right girl.  So mama, move on.

Here's your ticket.  Don't miss your train.  If she ever found out, I'd be in an early grave.  But there's something about you girl, make a man give up his world.  You got to move on, move on, move on.

You're so pretty.  And I just love the way you sing.  But she's got papers on me and a diamond ring.  Yes, it's more than lust and that makes you dangerous.  You got to move on, move on, move on.