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Miss Marcy & her Texas SugarDaddy's: Music

Whiskey and Cocaine

(Miss Marcy & her Texas SugarDaddy's)
July 7, 2015
Marcy Rodsky & Dave Burris

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Whiskey & Cocaine – Ya know how it is… ya meet a good man.  You think to yourself… ‘I’m gonna keep this man’ and you do all the things ya got to do to keep him…… put groceries in the fridge so he thinks you cook, upgrade your lingerie, ….. make all kinds of changes cuz this is the man you gonna keep.  Even learn to cook for him!  And then he leaves you anyway. 

Whiskey and Cocaine

When I met you I knew that you'd be the one to

Make me change my ways put behind my wilder days

Despite all my changes you left me anyway so I

Went back to Whiskey and Cocaine


I done all I could to be the woman that I should

Learned to cook even quit the band

You couldn't tell that I had changed you said my ways could not be tamed

So I went back to Whiskey and Cocaine