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Miss Marcy & her Texas SugarDaddy's: Press

So I get to the gig at Pearl on Monday and it turns out that we were in the Dallas Morning News Guide Section
in the First Sunday Edition of 2009!!! There was a pic of me and
everything with a caption that read What To Do On Mondays. Oh, they
didn't mean that I was what to do on Mondays! Just that my band
'Miss Marcy & her Texas SugarDaddy's' every Monday at Pearl is What
To Do on Mondays!!

Miss Marcy & her Texas SugarDaddy's

Does anyone still have, not yesterday's paper, but the Sunday before?
I'd love a copy for my mom. She doesn't believe that I'm spending
all my time in bars for music.

Thanks for all your support Dallas Morning News!!
Joy Tipping - Dallas Morning News Guide (Jan 4, 2009)
....."KNON's annual Blues Festival reflects the station's devotion to the blues, as well as many of the genres that sprung from it. The 10th edition of that fest comes to Poor David's Pub on Saturday and Sunday.

Expect to see some of the city's time-tested musicians take the stage. Highlights include a Dallas Blues Divas Revue starring Blue Lisa, Miss Marcy, Jessica Munn and more; a soul revue with the great Bobby Patterson (below) and Lou Hampton; and a set by noted guitarist Anson Funderburgh.
Hunter Hauk - Quick (Jan 22, 2009)
"Five songs. All good. I love her version of "Down Hearted Blues". It's great stuff. Marcy has a great original tune "Sugar Daddy" on here and the CD is for sale. If you get the chance, go see Miss Marcy live. When do we get a full length CD, Miss Marcy?"
Bill Fountain - Southwest Blues Magazine (Feb 1, 2006)
Jazzzz, Baby!
Miss Marcy & Her Texas Sugar Daddy’s
Monday, January 19, 6:30 – 8:00 p.m.
After being arrested by the grammar police for not giving the sugar daddies who back her due credit, Miss Marcy was released and charged with a possessive misdemeanor. As part of her linguistic community service, she’ll be playing at Pearl possibly singing hits such as “Conjunction Junction.” Just make sure to turn her in should she lapse into any further offenses, like ending her sentences in a preposition.
August 2007 issue of Lakewood Magazine has a pic and Q & A about me! You probably won't find any lying about because my mom has them all! However, you can check it out online. Click this link!!!
"Just wanted to say Thank You for the great show at Poor David's. I had heard you were good, but I thought you were great. My friends and I will definitely be coming out to hear YOU and that FABULOUS BAND!"
Terry Ann Taylor- Farmersville Blues Society
"KNON/89.3-FM Texas Blues Radio Vol. 4 features 15 songs, many of which deal with the roots of the blues: hard times and sexual frustrations. Eleven of the songs could fit into just about any era before the turn of the last century. Highlights include Miss Marcy’s sassy “Sugar Daddy,”............"
Tom Geddie - Ft. Woth Star Telegram

They did two pages on my band!!!  Woo hoo!!!  I didn't even know :-) !!

Miss Marcy and Her Texas Sugar Daddies at Pearl at Commerce
Miss Marcy has been holding down a regular Monday evening gig at Pearl at Commerce for several years now. The early shows (which start at 6 p.m. and end by 9:30) give folks a chance to enjoy happy "hour" with one of our area's best blues vocalists. Originally from El Paso, Miss Marcy graduated from the University of North Texas and will play in just about any bar that will let her and her band in the door. Besides cranking out the expected covers of blues legends Bessie Smith, Ma Rainey and Big Mama Thorton, Marcy also has a slew of top-notch originals. Check out "Restraining Order" and "One More Man" for a strong dose of feminism guised in the form of the blues.

The blues sound of Miss Marcy and her Texas SugarDaddys is unconventional. It swings a little harder and faster than does the work of some of her contemporaries in the genre. She's an energetic performer, capable of commanding a loud bar filled with strangers and a quiet theater of fans with equal shimmering confidence. KM

KM - Dallas Observer (Oct 31, 2013)

Miss Marcy 
& her Texas Sugar Daddy's (sic)
CSP Records

  You may have noticed a similarity in the name of this artist. To answer the obvious question right away, no, it's not me! It is because of the similarity in our names, though, that this woman came to my attention. Allow me to indulge myself.
  Some of you may know that I am a singer/songwriter, bassist. A fan of mine was searching on the internet to find out where and when I was playing when they came across "Miss Marcy's" name. The next time this fan of mine came to see me, he asked if I had been playing in Texas. This question sent me to the internet to find out who "Miss Marcy" was. I contacted her via email and we've been in touch ever since. When I got word, via email, that she was releasing her second CD, I asked her to send one to me.
  Miss Marcy (Rodsky) penned all of the seven cuts on this CD, two of which were co-written by Dave Burris, who also plays guitar. From the beginning of this disc, you know you'll be listening to pure blues. Even without a drawl, Miss Rodsky's voice has a Texas quality that seasons this recording just right!
  Cut one, Stand By Your Man, co-written by Burris, is nothing like it's more well known namesake. It's raw blues! It's embellished with some fine blues harmonica playing by New England blues legend, Cheryl Arena.
  Track two, OC Blues, comes in swinging, then track three, You Got My Man, drops into the lowdown lament of a lover scorned. The fourth cut, Move On, begins with Miss Marcy playing the piano and singing. The acoustics are primitive in the first verse. Then, as the second verse kicks in, the band does, too! I like the way she ends this song the way it began, with just the piano playing acoustically, then the sound of high heels walking away and the door slamming! 
  Cut five, One More Man slips sweetly into a country-blues ballad co-penned again with Burris. Then, in cut six, she struts into a Texas country-blues groove in Restraining Order.
  This disc is capped off with her up-tempo signature tune, Sugar Daddy. It's set aside from previous tunes with a snappy, jazzy intro complete with guitar strumming, stops and horns punctuating Ms Marcy's vocals. The lyrics are sassy..."Yes, my love is true, as long as my checks be comin' through! Ya know I'll call ya, sugar daddy." 
  With the longest song on this recording being 3:57 and only seven cuts, my biggest complaint about this CD is that it isn't long enough. 
  You can buy this CD on CD Baby.
Ms Marci

unsung heroes...
Mike Beal: bass
Ian Falgout: drums
Freddie Jones: trumpet

marci chevian-hooper - Sound Waves Magazine (Mar 1, 2014)

Right on!!  We got a shout-out from our local paper in support of the Balcony Club!!  What a list of fine musicians playing here!  So proud!

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