From the recording I'm Gonna Miss You

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I’m Gonna Miss You – About a good man I spent several years with.  As any grown woman knows, just cuz you love him don’t mean you can live with him.  If after a few years there’s no ring, it’s time to put on your high-heels and walk out the door.


I'm Gonna Miss You
I'm gonna miss you after I quit you
It's gonna hurt to put you down
But what can I do?  You made me look like a clown
I told my mama you were gonna take care of me.
I told my papa you were gonna put papers on me.
I told my friends, I told all my friends you were gonna buy me that diamond ring but that was years ago, and I'm still hangin' around
I'm gonna miss you.  I'm gonna miss you.  I know I'm gonna cry but it's time we said good-bye.
And I want you to know every day I was true and anytime you really need me Daddy, I'll be right there beside you.... beside you.......