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“IF YOU AIN’T THE WOMAN he's lying to then you’re the woman he’s lying about,” claims Miss Marcy on the Deep Ellum collection of mostly rowdy songs for mostly bar audiences.And, she sings with her TexasSugardaddy’s -- that’s the way she punctuates sugar daddies -- “I see you watchin’ me like a one-eyed alleycat . . . there’s no turning back, but I want you . . . I knew when I met you ,you’d be my next regret.”Miss Marcy --Marcy Rodsky, she of the literature degree from the University of North Texas, she of a handful of 2013 blues honors from the Dallas Observer -- shares original songs that sound like old songs from the “glory days” of Deep Ellum, when parts of it really were deep, songsinfluenced by early 20th century iconsincluding Bessie Smith and BigMama Thornton, songs that wouldn’t make it on the radio back then. Or,depending on the station and the particular song, perhaps not today.She sings blues about sex and drugs, love (and what often passesfor love) and blues with contributions from Wes Starr (drums),Bobby Chitwood (bass), DaveDave Burris (guitar), Jason Cloud Boulter (guitarand dobro), Brian “Hash Brown”Brian Calway (harmonica), Tim Alexander(piano and organ), and Ron Jones(baritone sax).Amidst the often upbeat-soundingcrowd pleasers, the slow-burningsongs may be the best, including“You Make Me Do Things (that Ireally shouldn’t do)” and her promiseto him that “you will forget everygal you ever knew.”Other highlights: her own “DeepEllum Blues” where she “tried to buywhiskey, all they had was cocaine;”the murderous “Sugar Brown;” “I’mGonna Miss You;” “Come with Me”because “it’s all over town what yougot swingin’ between your knees;” “IWant You;” and more.—TOM GEDDIE” - Tom Geddie

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    TO READ ARTICLE CLICK LINK:  http://buddymagazine.com/pdf/2015/201508-missy-mercy-robert-gallagher.pdf ” - Pat Schram

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Miss Marcy Miss Marcy could appeal to anybody. She has an irresistible bad attitude, a powerful voice capable of well-worn toughness or disarming sweetness, and those vintage dresses. Anyone who says they are not a fan of blues music should be handed a copy of her debut album, Miss Marcy & Her Texas Sugardaddy's, a masterful mix of blues old and new. Miss Marcy knows how to put a band together and find a killer sound. I don't even like harmonica but it sounds great on "Stand by Your Man," a song with a big sound that showcases a band with no apparent weaknesses. And yet, Miss Marcy with just a piano works great for the opening of "Move On." If you haven't seen Miss Marcy perform or heard her album, you should fix that immediately." ” - Jeremy Hallock

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A BLUES DIVA IN DALLAS: MISS MARCY FINDS HER SWAGGER ON NEW ‘DEEP ELLUM’ DISC With her Texas Sugar Daddy Dave Burris, Miss Marcy brings back strong women blues               The iconic blues divas of the ‘20s and ‘30s – women who could hold their liquor, satiate their men, and whup-up sprightly young things prancing on forbidden territory. These blues divas could sing a mean tune, too. They sang about life, love, fidelity, money and empowerment. They demanded respect, and weren’t afraid to fight for it.             Enter Miss Marcy.             Her name is Marcy Rodsky; call her Miss Marcy. She was born in Dallas and raised in El Paso. She lives in Deep Ellum smack dab in the thick of the nightclub life. She’s a bar singer. No, make that a bluesy, fire-cracking bar singer. She belts the blues with sass and vinegar, with a larger-than-life swagger that still manages to hit you at eye level.             In 2010, five years after Miss Marcy met her musical soul mate guitarist Dave Burris, Miss Marcy & Her Texas Sugar Daddy’s strutted to life. Now, in the summer of 2015, we have Deep Ellum, the first full-length album by Miss Marcy & Her Texas Sugar Daddy’s released on Forney-based CSP Records. Deep Ellum is the anticipated follow-up to the 2013 self-titled, 7-song EP (also on CSP Records) that introduced us to Miss Marcy & Her Texas Sugar Daddy’s.             Recorded and mixed at Audio Dallas Recording Studio in Garland, with production work by Paul Osborn and Jimmy Rogers, Deep Ellum offers a dozen bourbon-soaked, grown-up blues ‘n’ soul numbers. Most of them come from Miss Marcy and Dave Burris’ pen, with the exception of covering Stuff Smith’s 1936 jazz saloon classic “If You’re a Viper.”               Miss Marcy and Burris are accompanied by sizzling musicians such as drummer Wes Starr, keyboardist Tim Alexander, bassist Bobby Chitwood, and harmonica virtuoso Brian “Hash Brown” Calway, a man who proved creatively instrumental to Miss Marcy back in the late ‘90s.             “These musicians are like in Pluto, and I’m on Earth,” says Miss Marcy about the caliber of players on the CD. “What they did to the songs was amazing. When I played the record from beginning to end I was like, “Holy shit! Who is she?’ She seems a lot more confident than I am.”             Deep Ellum comes chock full of scorching gems, from the smoldering manifesto “You Make Me Do Things” to the sobering tale of love gone wrong “Whiskey and Cocaine.” But two songs deserve special attention – “SugarBrown” and “C-A-S-H (That’s What Mama Wants).” On the former, Miss Marcy is a woman on the warpath searching for a former friend who messed with her man.                           “This is a warning not to mess with my man,” she says. “Even if I messed with your man, don’t mess with mine. SugarBrown was a friend that thought she could try my man and quickly realized that there were consequences for betraying me.”             “C-A-S-H (That’s What Mama Wants)” is clearly the album’s centerpiece, a burlesque-savvy stomper that captures the essence of Miss Marcy. She’s bold, fierce and full of eye-winking venom.             “That’s a woman’s favorite four letter word! We already know what a man’s favorite four letter word is, but this is a woman’s. I’m damn tired of being broke!! I’m done with working and ready to just ‘work it’!”             Miss Marcy arrived at the Dallas-Fort Worth blues scene by way of a Bachelor of Arts in Literature from the University of North Texas. She taught high school English and has an ESL (English as a second language) certification that she still puts to good use as a part-time ESL professor in the Dallas Community College District. But how exactly do the blues come into this picture?             Miss Marcy, who as an adolescent took piano lessons without much fanfare, found herself drawn to musically potent women. She dug Melissa Etheridge, Rickie Lee Jones, Stevie Nicks, Dolly Parton, Mary J. Blige, Loretta Lynn and Johnette Napolitano of Concrete Blonde. These women built her musical foundation. They personified her awe-inspiring admiration of strong, no-holds-barred women with raw talent to spare.             But while at UNT, when she was 23, everything changed for Miss Marcy. During a music course she was introduced to the blues music of the legendary Chess Records label. “I had never heard this before and it made a huge impact,” she says. The music of blues queens Bessie Smith, Big Mama Thornton and Etta James coupled with Miss Marcy’s longstanding love of 1940’s glamour girls such as Rita Hayworth and Betty Grable awakened a once-dormant muse.             She ventured into the local blues scene and ended up at a blues jam hosted by Brian “Hash Brown” Calway at the now-defunct Scooters Nightclub in Dallas. It was 1997 and Miss Marcy was completely green but hungry. A few weeks later at a second blues jam she got the nerve to get up onstage and sing a tune. It was her first time ever on a stage singing for an audience. There was no turning back.             “I had never heard myself through a mike and speakers before,” she remembers. “It was strange. Hash was like, ‘This is terrible!’ He then picked out a couple of songs for me to learn at home.”             The rest is part of local blues history. Miss Marcy wrote her first tune, “Sugar Daddy,” in 2010 for a KNON-FM blues compilation album of original music. That song remains a signature that Miss Marcy performs every time she’s onstage, which is two to three times a week. She’s a working musician proudly                upholding the tradition of potent women with a roar in their voices and a wink in their eyes.             Miss Marcy talks about blues music with the clarity and heft of a woman who lives it. “The sound itself is reminiscent of a heartbeat,” she says authoritatively, like the coolest teacher you’ve ever known. “The soothing, reflective lyrics are the truth. They are strong but meant for you to laugh about them. The simplicity is a magnification of your feelings inside. You can feel it. It’s real life in song.”             The blues divas of yesteryear would rejoice the arrival of a new sister.                By Mario Tarradell    ” - Mario Tarradell

— Press Release for "Deep Ellum" (2055)

Miss Marcy & Her Texas SugarDaddy's play a brand of smarmy blues that could only come from Texas. Armed with a wit that would make most blush, Miss Marcy's music riffs on the woes of relationships in her own sarcastic way. Style is everything and Miss Marcy's style has helped to make them one of the best blues acts going in Dallas. JK” - JK

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Miss Marcy is a powerhouse. She may not look like it as she relaxes in a Whole Foods Market in old East Dallas, reflecting on her oeuvre, but she's every bit as brash and confident as the blues diva she inhabits onstage. A throwback as a performer with her vintage dresses and long, dirty-blonde hair, she's a 5-foot-4 firebrand who bristles with confidence and bleeds the blues.   We do mostly drinking and cheating songs," says Miss Marcy, whose full name is Marcy Rodsky. "We focus on the lyrics and the sexual energy that comes from the stage, from the music itself. I am in my own world. The music is seamless now. 2013 was a good year for Miss Marcy. Her debut full-length, Miss Marcy and Her Texas Sugar Daddies, was released on CSP Records, a label out of Forney, and Marcy won the Dallas Observer Music Award for Best Blues Act. Not bad for a teacher originally from El Paso. I was a late blues bloomer," she admits. "I was raised on Tejano music growing up in West Texas. I came to Dallas not knowing a lot about the blues, but I connected the dots quickly. The catalyst for that process came when Miss Marcy took a music appreciation class at the University of North Texas. She was already enrolled at the prestigious music school when a summer class on Southern roots music exposed her to a genre that would change her life. I was hanging out at these blues jams learning about the music. I already knew about 1940s glamour girls like Bessie Smith and Etta James, but now I knew more about the blues," Miss Marcy recalls. Then, she says, "I was told to check out this man named Hash Brown. I followed him around, learning songs and then I formed my own band."That was around 2005 and after that, there was no stopping. In the time-honored tradition of classic blues performers, Miss Marcy will play just about anyplace that will have her. She's performed in close to 100 area venues. These days, she performs at least three times a week at spots like The Balcony Club and Alligator Café. Ever since her first gig at Main Street Bar and Grill nine years ago, she's been hooked on playing live music. I was already in college when I first hit the stage," she says. "I thought to myself that this was just too much fun. I am very high energy. I didn't want any down time. I wanted it to be high energy the minute I hit the stage. The only oddity about Miss Marcy's musical trajectory is that her first album has been so long in coming, even though she's been gigging constantly in the Dallas area for almost a decade. In fact, Miss Marcy went into the studio a few years back and cut some demos. Those recordings received praise from local DJs and Miss Marcy ended up rerecording much of that material for Sugar Daddies. The difference between the demos and the new versions is startling. This album actually has someone else's money behind it," Miss Marcy says, referring to her label, CSP, which bankrolled the finished recordings. "The demo was released on a singer's budget. Although she enjoys teaching -- she's an ESL teacher at Eastfield Community College and Northwood University -- Miss Marcy hopes that her new album and constant gigging will allow her to play music full time. Anyone who has witnessed one of her shows can testify to the energy of her performances. Live, Miss Marcy is strength and sensuality personified. She cajoles every bit of double-entendre sassiness from both well-chosen covers and fantastic original material. Some of the songs I cover are from female blues singers from back in the day," Miss Marcy says. "That stuff is so naughty. It's suggestive and it's raw and it's so fun. I can tell when I am singing those songs that the women are listening. They are moving their shoulders. That just gets everybody excited. Unlike many current blues performers, Miss Marcy writes most of her own material. The songs on Sugar Daddies are rich creations that take as much from R&B as they do the blues. Songs such as "Restraining Order" and "One More Man (Let Me Down)" are hard-hitting, humorous slabs of high-charged blues. You got to stay away from the 10 covers that every blues band does -- 'Sweet Home Chicago' and stuff like that," she says. "I am not a blues purist. Every single one of my songs is some tortuous memory. You can't write songs like that until you've had some heartbreak. After last November's release party at Poor David's Pub, which was simulcast on KNON-FM 89.3, Miss Marcy knew that 2014 could be the year that makes or breaks her. "I am just hustling every way I can," the singer says. "Blues music is the soundtrack of my life. The hustling includes booking and promoting shows and keeping up with the money. Miss Marcy may perform with a band, but that's about the only thing she needs help with."I manage all of the money," Miss Marcy says emphatically. "Both my parents ran their own businesses so I was accustomed to handling money. I also pay all of the musicians."Miss Marcy has worked with some of the best blues players in Dallas. Her current band includes guitarist Dave Burris and bassist Mike Beall. Like many acts, Marcy has had trouble finding a steady drummer. She does, however, see a benefit in that as well: "We just do it as a trio and that makes it easier dividing up the money. That sort of pragmatic, business-minded approach makes Miss Marcy all the more prone to speak her mind. One opinion she doesn't mince words on is how she feels that Dallas has too many top-flight blues musicians. We have more blues musicians than we have an audience for," she claims. "We have great, talented musicians. People just need to get away from their televisions and enjoy live music. You don't have to get drunk. You can just have a snack. We have music that you can dance to. Women can come out and shake it. Miss Marcy also isn't afraid to stick up for herself when the needs arises -- a characteristic that is often necessary for a musician trying to get paid for her work. It seems some venue owners have reneged when it comes time to pay. But even then, Marcy always seems to find the silver lining. One time, a club bounced three checks on me," Marcy says. "Before I went to the D.A., we agreed that they would pay me in product, so I loaded up my car with $400 worth of steak. For six months, we had these great parties at my house. Sassy at every turn, but determinedly optimistic as well, Miss Marcy isn't about to let anyone walk all over her. That goes for music, business and anything else in life. "Never walk out with nothing," she insists. "That's the lesson. Drag out two bar stools if you have to.” - Darryl Smyers

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Miss Marcy and Her Texas Sugar Daddies at Pearl at CommerceMiss Marcy has been holding down a regular Monday evening gig at Pearl at Commerce for several years now. The early shows (which start at 6 p.m. and end by 9:30) give folks a chance to enjoy happy "hour" with one of our area's best blues vocalists. Originally from El Paso, Miss Marcy graduated from the University of North Texas and will play in just about any bar that will let her and her band in the door. Besides cranking out the expected covers of blues legends Bessie Smith, Ma Rainey and Big Mama Thorton, Marcy also has a slew of top-notch originals. Check out "Restraining Order" and "One More Man" for a strong dose of feminism guised in the form of the blues.” - Darryl Smyers

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We are proud to be nominated (again) on the very prestigious Dallas A- List in the Best Wedding Band category.  This is the quote about us:   …If you want to hear a smokey, sultry voice that gives the respect due to any song, any genre, this is the little gal right here that can do it for you…   Thank you so much for continuing to allow us to entertain you!!  That's all we want to do!!!  Thank you, Dallas!!! ” - Dallas A List

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DALLAS OBSERVER BEST OF LIST 2013   The 10 Greatest Dallas Blues Artists:   3. Miss Marcy In a musical genre dominated too often by men, Miss Marcy is at the forefront of the Dallas blues scene, wowing blues aficionados with a voice that sounds one part angelic/two parts devilish, which nearly caused this listener's heart to stop as I fell into her words. Graduating from the University of North Texas in 2001, Miss Marcy has spent the last decade playing club gigs, festivals and private parties across the Dallas/Fort Worth area. In 2010, she released her first album Miss Marcy and the Texas SugarDaddy's. Harnessing blues divas like Bessie Smith, Ma Rainey and Big Mama Thorton, Miss Marcy is living proof that the blues are timeless.      http://blogs.dallasobserver.com/dc9/2013/11/doma_2013_winners.php?page=all  ” - Christian McPhate

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Top Ten Best Places to Find Live Music with No Cover! The Balcony Club! For music fans that prefer a live experience that is a little more nostalgic, nightly shows at The Balcony Club pay tribute to great music from decades past. Almost all genres and time periods are represented here, ranging from Dave Burris' focus on pop music of the 1920s to emotional blues from best-of-Dallas chanteuse Miss Marcy. Jazz fans will also find plenty to love at The Balcony Club, as alumni of University of North Texas' storied jazz band has a regular presence on the stage.” - Amy McCarthy

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Learn about the Hot Jazz on the Red show in Shreveport, La.  Thank you Shreveport for such a wonderful reception and for diggin' our tunes!  We'll see you next year, the first Thursday of June at the same event!! ” - Kelly Phelan Powell

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She was absolutely what we were looking for to step up our event by adding new talent not from our local area. The only concern came from a few guests that really did not know what true "Jazz" music is. Overall, we as the client were and are absolutely satisfied with her performance and professionalism! She appealed to a different group of guests which is what we wanted!” - Event Coordinator for 'Hot Jazz on the Red' series Shreveport, La.

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The Weekend Guide Dallas Events and Diversions 0 COMMENTS Yo, daddy-o. HEARMiss Marcy and Her Texas SugarDaddy’sWhat: The local bluesy jazz singer performs live during a CD launch party with $3 specialty cocktails. Why: Debut of Whiskey & Cigarettes, a new indie film by SMU grad student Nima Ghamari, featuring Miss Marcy and a handful of other artists perfecting their craft.When: Fri., 9 p.m.-1:30 a.m.Where: Pearl at Commerce, 2038 Commerce St. (214-655-8824). Admission is $5. ” - Alexis O'Connell

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The blues came calling, and Miss Marcy answered. The big bad mama of Miss Marcy and Her Texas Sugar Daddies is Marcy Rodsky, a Lakewood resident who gave up her fulltime teaching gig to sing the blues for a living. She hustles to get her name on as many marquis, handbills and music listings as possible. “In December of 2008, I left my job and started booking gigs like a mad woman,” she says. “I canvassed the area. There isn’t a club from here to Oklahoma that hasn’t heard from my band. I’m shameless.” She already had a regular Monday night gig during Pearl at Commerce’s 6:30-8 p.m. happy hour, which she has held down for two years now. She regularly books two or three other shows a week, and she often sits in with the band at the Balcony Club on Sunday nights. Her self-titled debut CD is almost finished, and Pearl at Commerce is hosting her release party June 11. The band has a “classy, sexy” sound that she describes as “the devil’s music. It’s not Texas blues, not classic blues,” but like an updated version of the Big Mama Thornton and Bessie Smith sounds. So how about those Texas Sugar Daddies anyway? “There’s nothing sexier than a man with a paycheck,” Rodsky quips. She often plays without a drummer because, she says, lots of all-male blues bands skip hiring vocalists. That way, each guy in the trio gets more money at the end of the night. Miss Marcy’s not going to cut herself, honey. So she learned to play without a drummer; otherwise she tries to negotiate a higher rate. Rodsky still teaches ESL classes at two community colleges to supplement her income. But once her CD comes out, she’ll keep hustling to deliver it to as many ears as possible — honkytonks, casinos, festival circuits, European tours, TV shows, movie soundtracks. Whoever calls, Miss Marcy’s going to answer. ” - Rachel Stone

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Miss Marcy CD Release   Known for her saucy unapologetic ballsy humor, lead singer Marcy of Marcy & her Texas Sugar Daddies is officially outing her first CD on Friday night with a performance that includes guest artists Freddie Jones, Cheryl Arena and producer/drummer Ian Falgout.  It will also debut a new short film, Whiskey & Cigarettes by Nima Ghamari. Marcy said she met Falgout, when she hired him temporarily for a gig.  After performing with her, he approached her to allow him to produce a CD.  He’d worked with major labels such as Warner Brothers, EMI, RCA, Reprise, Lakeshore, City Canyons, Chrome Child and Immure Records.  Knowing he’d been a drummer who’s traveled extensively nationally and internationally as a professional musician and featured on Modern Drummer and Drum! Magazines, she decided it would be a good match. During the break, the short documentary film by Nima Ghamari will roll.  The SMU Grad Student’s film, Whiskey & Cigarettes features snippets of some of her songs and captures Marcy as artist, entertainer, song writer and booking agent.  In other words – the business of being an artist!  This artist takes her business seriously and the film, about 14 minutes in length captures Marcy’s personality and essence.  You can view a trailer on the Intownmix home page.  Ghamari said, “It’s my first documentary ever. It’s also the first installment of the series I’m planning to make on various artists and hopefully will eventually become a feature length documentary…if I can afford it.”  After viewing it, we definitely are looking forward to more works from Ghamari.    Marcy is a self-proclaimed nerd from El Paso, Texas and is Marcy Rodsky to her friends and family.  Growing up in a Tejano town, she said she hadn’t ever heard the blues until the one day she was watching the movie North & South. She says that’s when she first fell in love with the genre although at the time, she had no idea that it was called the blues.  At Friday’s CD release party, you’ll meet Marcy, Freddie, Cheryl, Ian and Nima.  The event is a $5 cover with $3 Sugar Daddy drink specials and complimentary snacks.  The CD is available on her website and will soon be available through other outlets.  The show begins at 9 with a break to see the film at 10:20 followed by the rest of the set.  On Saturday, she’s playing a “hangover gig” at Alligator Cafe on Live Oak.  DHarris Miss Marcy& her Texas Sugar Daddies Pearl at Commerce2038 Commerce214.655.8824Friday, June 11; 9 pm – 1:30 am” - Donna Harris

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Miss Marcy & her Texas Sug­ar­Dad­dys CD Release: The stars are align­ing in the muggy North Texas heat this week. Miss Marcy and her Texas Sug­ar­Dad­dys, a group of some of my favorite Dal­las play­ers are releas­ing new CD with a show at my favorite blues club in the world (and believe me I’ve been to a bunch) — PEARL in Dal­las, Texas. Fri­day night June 11, 2010 Miss Marcy — Vocalist This will be a flat out Texas music blast as Miss Marcy takes the stage in her baudy, in your face, strut­tin’ diva vocal best, flanked by some of the finest blues and jazz play­ers in the region — Her nor­mal “Sug­ar­Dad­dys” are Mike Beall, Bass and Dave Bur­ris, Gui­tar. They will be joined for this spe­cial show by Cheryl Arena, Har­mon­ica, Fred­die Jones, Trum­pet and Drum­mer / Pro­ducer Ian Fal­gout, who also all appear on the debut CD, avail­able for sale at the show.–– Miss Marcy & her Texas Sug­ar­Dad­dys (Mike Beall, Bass and Dave Bur­ris, Gui­tar) in a pre­vi­ous per­for­mance at Pearl:Sugar Daddy: Miss Marcy says “I am a Bar Singer as opposed to a tra­di­tion­ally trained jazz vocal­ist. It’s not tra­di­tional jazz, it ain’t Texas Blues. I do jazz that you can drink whiskey to!“Miss Marcy and her music are the sub­ject of new doc­u­men­tary short film “Whiskey and Cig­a­rettes” which will also make it’s debut show­ing at the club dur­ing set breaks of the band on this spe­cial night. The film­maker, Nima Ghamari, a stu­dent at SMU will also be in atten­dance for the showing. Pearl is my favorite blues club for the cool vibe, good live sound, and for the con­vic­tion of own­ers Rick and Tracy Yost to keep the legacy of live blues and jazz alive in Dal­las. They are gen­uine, hard work­ing folks who are in the club busi­ness for the right rea­son — love of the music. Please give them your sup­port, and help keep the spirit of the blues alive and well in the Lone Star State. Click here > Pearl — Dal­las, Texas — Web­sitePearl is located at cor­ner of Pearl and Com­merce — 2038 Com­merce Street, Dal­las, Texas. Phone 214–655-8824.Fri­day night’s show starts at 9PM, but I would plan to get there ear­lier, expect a crowd for a show like this. Stand By Your Man CLICK HERE FOR YOUTUBE LINK   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HwBpve-AuDQ  More about Miss Marcy here > Miss Marcy & her Texas Sug­ar­Dad­dys — Website Good arti­cle — info on the CD release per­for­mance at Pearl — Click here > Intown­mix — Miss Marcy Thanks for watch­ing these videos, we had some fun mak­ing them…See you at the show!” - Tracy Ready

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This came from a review of cool things to do Downtown... and look who they mention... HONKY TONK WOMAN: Miss Marcy, a self-christened bar chanteuse, takes pride in doing "jazz you can drink whiskey to." At Miss Marcy & Her Texas Sugar Daddies' standing Monday gig during Happy Hour at Peart at Commerce, you can sip $3 flavored martinis, at least. 6:30-8PM." I am WHAT TO DO on Monday nights!!! :-)” - LYNDSAY KNECHT MILNE


....it was a fantastic article about The Pete Weise Quartet and I was mentioned as a side note........ the author continued... "Once inside, I was in heaven. Pearl is an open room with great sight lines and comfortable seating. It's very upscale with a vibe to it that lets you know you didn't just walk into another smoky biker bar. We picked a table along the wall and ordered a few drinks. We just happened to be sitting next to Miss Marcy who plays there every Monday night. How cool is that?" It is equally cool to be mentioned inthe same article as this incredibly band!” - Michael Schaefer of Strat's Corner

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The fragrance of free food will float with the smooth sounds of the blues this Saturday in Quakertown Park. The 11th annual Denton Blues Festival, presented by the Denton Black Chamber of Commerce, will be held from 1 p.m. to 11 p.m. In 1996, members of the chamber decided to hold a major event to including African American music and an arts festival, according to the organization’s Web site. What began as the Gospel Extravaganza quickly evolved into the Denton Blues Festival in 1998 and has been a success ever since, Reggie Hill, the chamber’s president said. Hill said because the festival is held in September, it doesn’t have to compete with the famous Denton Jazz Fest. He also said that having both festivals in Denton gives residents a better mix of music. Blues musician Michael Burks will be headlining the festival and other acts, such as UpAllNight Blues, Lil’ Dave Thompson, and Miss Marcy & her Texas Sugardaddy’s will perform. Chamber treasurer John Baines said Burks is a ferocious musician. He said a rewarding part of being involved with the event is listening to the talented musicians.” - Amber Arnold of North Texas Daily

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Dallas 11.03.2009 Lovin’ A Good Sugardaddy Miss Marcy tells us how It’s only November 3, but it’s already time to start thinking about your music play lists for all those upcoming holiday parties. That means tracking down cool tunes that are not just festive, but set the right vibe for a swanky cocktail soirée. Because we’re telling you right now, if even a single note of Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer or Nuttin’ For Christmas comes out of your speakers, we’re heading for the door and taking our gift with us. At our parties this year, one of the sultry songstresses we’ll be grooving to is none other than local favorite, Miss Marcy. You may have caught her at any number of dive bars in the Dallas area (or possibly passed out behind one – she seems hip that way). But if you don’t frequent jazz and blues clubs or you’ve been locked inside a hermetically sealed bubble for fear of catching the piggy H1N1, then we beseech you to discover Miss Marcy And Her Texas Sugardaddy’s (no, we still don’t know why she spells it with an apostrophe). Punctuation be damned, she’s a helluva singer. Taking her cue from racy ’20s and ’30s era music, she croons both original songs and covers you won’t hear performed very often — or anywhere else at all. She’s got a smoky voice and a sexy stage presence that’ll transport you back to the swingin’ days of Prohibition. Thankfully, you can enjoy her tunes while sipping a 100% legal martini (or bottled beer if you’re a lesbian). Catch her live this Friday at one of our fave lesbian-owned establishments and buy a CD while you’re there (they’re also available on her site). You can even listen to her music online before you go. We’re sure you’ll agree that Miss Marcy is the ideal way to get a party started. Hell, if you really want to throw a killer gathering, book her for a live gig. We promise she won’t sing that annoying Chipmunk Christmas song.” - not listed

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Whether seated in lawn chairs, laying on blankets or standing, the hundreds of people packed into Quakertown Park on Saturday could not help but move their bodies to the jams coming from the main stage at the 11th annual Denton Blues Festival. Event officials say the festival raises awareness of the blues and introduces young people to the genre. “In the past, people only remember Johnny Taylor, B.B. King, etc.,” said Kerry Goree, chairman of the Denton Black Chamber of Commerce. “But there are a lot of new young acts. Blues is not dead, even if some of the older acts have died.” The festival ran all day and featured local and international acts. This year’s spotlight was on such acts as Michael Burks, Miss Marcy and UpAll Night. for more article use link” - Bj Lewis

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Jack’s Backyard hosts Battle of the Bands Sunday How many bands do you think you can fit in your backyard? The Oak Cliff hotspot Jack’s Backyard brings in eight local bands and musicians to duke it out for props from the audience — and hopefully a free beer to go with it. CC Cross’s strong blend of Southern rock and country could give them the edge but don’t tell anybody we’re hoping for Miss Marcy and Her Texas Sugar Daddy’s, pictured. We love her throwback jazzy sound but we’d also like to check out her sugar daddies.” - Dallas Voice

Dallas Voice

in downtown (photo here) Miss Marcy TONIGHT City Tavern 1402 Main Street Thursday, January 29; 9 pm – 12 am 214.745.1402 Downtown is a destination this week – not for work – for the blues. Check out Miss Marcy and her Texas SugarDaddy’s at City Tavern tonight (Thursday) and catch all the super bowl happenings there on Sunday. Miss Marcy’s awesome blues will soothe your soul instead of getting it stuck in traffic. Grab a bite ‘cause you’ll want to stay until this Texas girl is done. No cover. And you can also hear Marcy on Mondays at Pearl in Deep Ellum. CHannon” - C Hannon

In Town Magazine

Can you believe it?!!! I get to the gig tonight at Pearl and the house is packed. I'm told that we are in today's edition of the DMN!! I doubt you will find a copy remaining, because I've already bought out two 7-11's!! For those who already used the paper to line the bird's cage..... here's what was said about Miss Marcy & her Texas SugarDaddy's....p 2E of the DMN, my picture and all, center, slightly to the right....at the TOP of the page!! Get the blues... in a good way with Miss Marcy & Her Texas Sugar Daddies performing bluesy jazz from 6:30-8 tonight at Pearl. Where are our personal Texas Sugardaddies- or several?" I'm so happy!!!” - Joy Tipping

— Dallas Morning News

I am so proud to be in the October issue of Southwest Blues Magazine! Thanks Jay Brakefield for the article and Don Netzer for the photo. Also, Akasha with Dallas Fashion Stylist, for the designer dress. Southwest Blues is a monthly magazine and webzine, focusing on Blues artists of the greater U.S. southwest. Our hard copy circulation has expanded past the regional target area and now includes international subscriptions. We feature and spotlight many recording artists signed with major labels and also local artists that deserve the recognition after years of paying their dues." - Southwest Blues www.southwestblues.com” - Jay Brakefield

Southwest Blues Magazine

So I get to the gig at Pearl on Monday and it turns out that we were in the Dallas Morning News Guide Section in the First Sunday Edition of 2009!!! There was a pic of me and everything with a caption that read What To Do On Mondays. Oh, they didn't mean that I was what to do on Mondays! Just that my band 'Miss Marcy & her Texas SugarDaddy's' every Monday at Pearl is What To Do on Mondays!! Miss Marcy & her Texas SugarDaddy's www.missmarcy.com Does anyone still have, not yesterday's paper, but the Sunday before? I'd love a copy for my mom. She doesn't believe that I'm spending all my time in bars for music. Thanks for all your support Dallas Morning News!!” - Joy Tipping

— Dallas Morning News Guide

....."KNON's annual Blues Festival reflects the station's devotion to the blues, as well as many of the genres that sprung from it. The 10th edition of that fest comes to Poor David's Pub on Saturday and Sunday. Expect to see some of the city's time-tested musicians take the stage. Highlights include a Dallas Blues Divas Revue starring Blue Lisa, Miss Marcy, Jessica Munn and more; a soul revue with the great Bobby Patterson (below) and Lou Hampton; and a set by noted guitarist Anson Funderburgh.” - Hunter Hauk


Five songs. All good. I love her version of "Down Hearted Blues". It's great stuff. Marcy has a great original tune "Sugar Daddy" on here and the CD is for sale. If you get the chance, go see Miss Marcy live. When do we get a full length CD, Miss Marcy?” - Bill Fountain

— Southwest Blues Magazine

Jazzzz, Baby! Miss Marcy & Her Texas Sugar Daddy’s Monday, January 19, 6:30 – 8:00 p.m. After being arrested by the grammar police for not giving the sugar daddies who back her due credit, Miss Marcy was released and charged with a possessive misdemeanor. As part of her linguistic community service, she’ll be playing at Pearl possibly singing hits such as “Conjunction Junction.” Just make sure to turn her in should she lapse into any further offenses, like ending her sentences in a preposition.” - Gus Klein

Gay List Daily

"If you ain't the woman he's lying to then you're the woman he's lying about."” - Miss Marcy
Just wanted to say Thank You for the great show at Poor David's. I had heard you were good, but I thought you were great. My friends and I will definitely be coming out to hear YOU and that FABULOUS BAND!” - Terry Ann Taylor- Farmersville Blues Society
KNON/89.3-FM Texas Blues Radio Vol. 4 features 15 songs, many of which deal with the roots of the blues: hard times and sexual frustrations. Eleven of the songs could fit into just about any era before the turn of the last century. Highlights include Miss Marcy’s sassy “Sugar Daddy,”............” - Tom Geddie

— Ft. Woth Star Telegram

They did two pages on my band!!!  Woo hoo!!!  I didn't even know :-) !!” - not listed

Addison Talent Magazine

Miss Marcy and Her Texas Sugar Daddies at Pearl at CommerceMiss Marcy has been holding down a regular Monday evening gig at Pearl at Commerce for several years now. The early shows (which start at 6 p.m. and end by 9:30) give folks a chance to enjoy happy "hour" with one of our area's best blues vocalists. Originally from El Paso, Miss Marcy graduated from the University of North Texas and will play in just about any bar that will let her and her band in the door. Besides cranking out the expected covers of blues legends Bessie Smith, Ma Rainey and Big Mama Thorton, Marcy also has a slew of top-notch originals. Check out "Restraining Order" and "One More Man" for a strong dose of feminism guised in the form of the blues.” - Darryl Smyers

Dallas Observer

The blues sound of Miss Marcy and her Texas SugarDaddys is unconventional. It swings a little harder and faster than does the work of some of her contemporaries in the genre. She's an energetic performer, capable of commanding a loud bar filled with strangers and a quiet theater of fans with equal shimmering confidence. KM” - KM

Dallas Observer

Miss Marcy & her Texas Sugar Daddy's (sic)CSP Records  You may have noticed a similarity in the name of this artist. To answer the obvious question right away, no, it's not me! It is because of the similarity in our names, though, that this woman came to my attention. Allow me to indulge myself.  Some of you may know that I am a singer/songwriter, bassist. A fan of mine was searching on the internet to find out where and when I was playing when they came across "Miss Marcy's" name. The next time this fan of mine came to see me, he asked if I had been playing in Texas. This question sent me to the internet to find out who "Miss Marcy" was. I contacted her via email and we've been in touch ever since. When I got word, via email, that she was releasing her second CD, I asked her to send one to me.  Miss Marcy (Rodsky) penned all of the seven cuts on this CD, two of which were co-written by Dave Burris, who also plays guitar. From the beginning of this disc, you know you'll be listening to pure blues. Even without a drawl, Miss Rodsky's voice has a Texas quality that seasons this recording just right!  Cut one, Stand By Your Man, co-written by Burris, is nothing like it's more well known namesake. It's raw blues! It's embellished with some fine blues harmonica playing by New England blues legend, Cheryl Arena.  Track two, OC Blues, comes in swinging, then track three, You Got My Man, drops into the lowdown lament of a lover scorned. The fourth cut, Move On, begins with Miss Marcy playing the piano and singing. The acoustics are primitive in the first verse. Then, as the second verse kicks in, the band does, too! I like the way she ends this song the way it began, with just the piano playing acoustically, then the sound of high heels walking away and the door slamming!   Cut five, One More Man slips sweetly into a country-blues ballad co-penned again with Burris. Then, in cut six, she struts into a Texas country-blues groove in Restraining Order.  This disc is capped off with her up-tempo signature tune, Sugar Daddy. It's set aside from previous tunes with a snappy, jazzy intro complete with guitar strumming, stops and horns punctuating Ms Marcy's vocals. The lyrics are sassy..."Yes, my love is true, as long as my checks be comin' through! Ya know I'll call ya, sugar daddy."   With the longest song on this recording being 3:57 and only seven cuts, my biggest complaint about this CD is that it isn't long enough.   You can buy this CD on CD Baby.Ms Marciunsung heroes...Mike Beal: bassIan Falgout: drumsFreddie Jones: trumpet” - marci chevian-hooper

— Sound Waves Magazine

Right on!!  We got a shout-out from our local paper in support of the Balcony Club!!  What a list of fine musicians playing here!  So proud!” - Shari Goldstein Stern

White Rock Lake Weekly B

"If you ain't the woman he's lyin' to, then you're the woman he's lyin' about."” - Miss Marcy

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