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By Ms. Marci
February 2014

You may have noticed a similarity in the name of this artist. To answer the obvious question right away, no, it's not me! It is because of the similarity in our names, though, that this woman came to my attention. Allow me to indulge myself.

Some of you may know that I am a singer/songwriter, bassist. A fan of mine was searching on the internet to find out where and when I was playing when they came across "Miss Marcy's" name. The next time this fan of mine came to see me, he asked if I had been playing in Texas. This question sent me to the internet to find out who "Miss Marcy" was. I contacted her via email and we've been in touch ever since. When I got word, via email, that she was releasing her second CD, I asked her to send one to me.

Miss Marcy (Rodsky) penned all of the seven cuts on this CD, two of which were co-written by Dave Burris, who also plays guitar. From the beginning of this disc, you know you'll be listening to pure blues. Even without a drawl, Miss Rodsky's voice has a Texas quality that seasons this recording just right!

Cut one, “Stand By Your Man,” co-written by Burris, is nothing like its more well-known namesake. It's raw blues! It's embellished with some fine blues harmonica playing by New England blues legend, Cheryl Arena.

Track two, “OC Blues,” comes in swinging, then track three, “You Got My Man,” drops into the lowdown lament of a lover scorned. The fourth cut, “Move On,” begins with Miss Marcy playing the piano and singing. The acoustics are primitive in the first verse. Then, as the second verse kicks in, the band does, too! I like the way she ends this song the way it began, with just the piano playing acoustically, then the sound of high heels walking away and the door slamming!

Cut five, “One More Man,” slips sweetly into a country-blues ballad co-penned again with Burris. Then, in cut six, she struts into a Texas country-blues groove in “Restraining Order.”

This disc is capped off with her up-tempo signature tune, “Sugar Daddy.” It's set aside from previous tunes with a snappy, jazzy intro complete with guitar strumming, stops and horns punctuating Miss Marcy's vocals. The lyrics are sassy..."Yes, my love is true, as long as my checks be comin' through! Ya know I'll call ya, sugar daddy."

With the longest song on this recording being 3:57 minutes and only seven cuts, my biggest complaint about this CD is that it isn't long enough.

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Mike Beal: bass 
Ian Falgout: drums 
Freddie Jones: trumpet

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