International Songwriting Competition

I got some good news today...... We are pleased to inform you that the song "Sugar Daddy," entered into the Blues category, has advanced to the next round of judging for the 2006 International Songwriting Competition. With over 14,000 songs entered into ISC 2006, making it this far along in the competition is a great accomplishment and a testament to your songwriting talent. Feel free to tell others the good news about your song! When publicizing your achievement, you may mention that your song has "advanced to the next round of judging in the 2006 International Songwriting Competition." Congratulations Hashbrown, Mike Garvey, Linkon Apeland, Freddie Jones, and Mark Gulley. Also, my honky-tonk tune “Restraining Order” made it to the next round in the country category. Congratulations Bill Campbell, Dave Burris, Earl Darling, and Aaron Wynne.